Tom Kuhn Appreciation thread

My Tom ‘Runes’ collection grew with the addition of the Wood Rocks Nordik 2. I wanted to share some detail shots fo the teeny-tiny Tom Kuhn logo at the center of the two Wood Rocks yo-yos. It’s almost impossible for me to see without my glasses on, that’s how tiny it is.

The Nordik pattern is easily my favorite later-model Mandala design.

The other new additions to my Tom Kuhn collection:

It’s pretty rare for me to add four models I didn’t have in one week! What a great way to end Fixed Axle February!


Does anyone have any details on the order in which the original Tom Kuhn No Jive boxes were released? I know that the brown one was first due to it reading “Patent Pending” but I am unsure of the rest. Any insight would be great.

Also, if you have a blue box… I’m interested. :smile:


The blue box is a new one for me - Don’t think I’ve seen that one before!