Today's Topic: How the YYF Multi-Tool saved a show

I’m setting up for a show. theroybit and I are both setting gear and getting things happening while the stage is being set. The steps to the stage go up fine. One of the railings is NOT going in position too well. It’s clearly caught on something.

What is it caught on? A set screw, which is actually meant to hold the railing in place to avoid accidentally being pulled out. I look at it and say “Hey, I think my multi-tool will work on that”. So, I run out to my truck where I have my YYE medium bag, and on it is my trusty YYF multi-tool. Sure enough, it fit in that little set screw, I loosened it up and the railing slid right into place.

I carry my YYE medium bag darn earn everywhere. Now I’m a hero for being a yoyo enthusiast. Go figure!

True story. I have witnesses!

Be proud to throw! Be prepared!

Like a boss.

That’s incredible…

Too bad the tool cant get my bearing out of my YYF Genesis :stuck_out_tongue:

Try harder.

Nice!!! We need to hear more stories like this.

The tool ended up breaking the bearing off my genesis xD


nice thinking . . . the only other things i use my yo-yo to do is impress people and “accidentally” hit stuff (my mom’s glass table is gone . . true story) haha