To Share or Not to Share (Your Trick)


I’ve been duking it out in brain over not to share my tricks to the world or not. There’s definitely a selfish claim I want to stake over what I created, but I feel that it goes against everything the community of yoyoing stands for. Sharing tricks and hanging out is a great aspect to yoyoing that I don’t want to cream over with my selfish desire to keep my tricks my own. I guess I would just hate to see someone performing my tricks better than I would on a freestyle competition (^_^) however, once again, I feel that yoyoing competitively is not the true spirit of yo-yoing, even if I will be competing. I gotta remember that it’s about having fun, being with friends, chilling out, enjoying each other’s company. So, while I might be a little possessive and secretive of some tricks, I will try not to hide anything… What do you guys think??


I believe you’ll discover the overwhelming majority here will believe that it’s wonderful to share your creations with the world.

Charles Haycock is playing up the quasi-stoner-hippie angle a bit much in this video, but he’s got it right, in my opinion… the creator of the kickflip probably isn’t stressing that skateboarding was revolutionized from his work:

(pretty good trick video, too, if you forgive Charles and Jensen’s overdone posturing in the spoken parts, which I gladly do. :wink: )


THANK YOU. I read the topic and was going to post this exact same clip. It bugs me when you go to contests and you see a trick you’d like to learn and expand on, but people refuse to help you because they don’t want you to “steal it”…


I thought about my tricks the same way until I thought, “What if Paul Escolar or Spencer Berry or André Boulay refused to share their tricks or make tutorials?”


That would be madness


I’m always happy to share my tricks with people who ask about them, but I don’t really make tutorials (mostly out of laziness).

EDIT: to clarify, I’m not afraid of anyone “stealing” my tricks, I’m just not really motivated to post tutorials


Yeah, not that I have anything really worthy of being shared, but I’d like nothing more than to see my tricks being performed in competitions! There’d be a sense of pride there, that I affected the community at large.

I can see, if you’re hoping to win a title of your own, you don’t want to give anything away, so that it really pops when you do it on stage. But other than that, your goal should be to have your tricks stolen, not the opposite.

(also, Jensen’s bind at 3:11 in that video is the slickest return I’ve ever seen)


The most important aspect of yoyoing, by far, is getting sponsored. Haha Jensen’s hilarious!


Just a sky bind, as far as I can tell. When you first learn it (one of the more basic “fancy” binds), you’ll be doing it all the time. :wink:


Truly for me it’s if I want to make a tutorial or not or basically see everyone else do the Yoyo trick.