To anyone attending future competitions/freestyles

Dude, they’re yoyo-players. It’s not Barack Obama standing on that stage. Cheer when he’s done, dont distract him while he/she performs. I know i would tell those kids to shut their mouths if i were the one standing on the stage.

His parents should probably have him checked up at a psychiatrist. Like really.
Screamcru sounds like a really crappy swedish deathmetal band.

I wish al performances were like Jensens in 2011 where it’s silent and then the crowd erupts at the end

What about Yuuki’s Worlds '07 freestyle? Sometime, somebody should edit loud, obxoxious screams into their freestyle song and then post it on this thread.

I like how for such a niche group, we decide to associate ourselves with magical ponies and little kids screaming like toddlers in a candy store, thereby discouraging more people to join our community.

Thanks for making us all look like a bunch of twerps.

If not annoying, it’s incredibly disrespectful.


I just finished mentioning this to a yoyo-playing colleague when this thread popped up. It’s been on my mind, too!

I’m totally… TOTALLY down for cheering right in the middle of a performance when the player hits a banger… or even yelling nonstop if the performance is nothing but amazing.


What Eastfield is referring to is the spectator who is doing it not to cheer for the player but to hear his own voice and revel in the “I’m going to annoy people and not care about it!” aspect of it. Don’t fool yourself, Haru-Ray, some of these people are not doing it for the joy of yoyo or competition, but for the love of self. As Eastfield correctly points out, they start doing it as soon as the yoyoer starts throwing, and not even at the right time. That’s because there’s no “right time” to hear your own voice.

What they’re doing, even if unintentionally, is telling the audience, “Pay attention to my yelling (even if it’s negative attention by way of scowling) instead of the competitor.” And that’s just exasperating and rude.

Cheering in the service of the performance or as a tribute to the player? All day every day. Even in (or especially in!) the middle of a performance. Otherwise, don’t be “that” person.

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Found out there’s a no screaming version of this…

[quote=Some random kid in the background]LIKE A BOSS!

What? Are you listening to what you’re saying? I never said that i choose to associate ourselves with small toddlers and ponies. That being said, most of those people screaming like retards in front of the stage tend to be under the age of 15.
And oh, btw, i don’t see why associating ourselves with elders and more mature people will draw new players here. Probably 85% of all the new players are kids, honestly.

Also, implying there aren’t annoying groups that cross over into nearly every community ever.

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People are going to cheer if they like what they see. If you don’t want people to cheer let them know before you start like Jensen did at Worlds 2011.

A lot of the problem is that there’s someone close to the recording device and they get picked up more then the music and everyone else making it appear like they’re being overly obnoxious when they are just as loud as everyone else (Though that may not be the case for Calstates).

And yoyo-players are way more entertaining then some political speaker. =P

This is the problem, though: the ones I’m talking about (and Eastfield, as far as I can tell!) are not really cheering for what they see. They are cheering to hear their own voices, regardless of what the performer on stage is doing.

Even the wacky cheering in that Si Yee Pong video isn’t awful (to me at least)… the person cheering was obnoxious, sure, but it seemed connected to the performance.


Well obviously I don’t endorse such tom foolery. xD

Cheering is for the people to encourage the performer not to become a spectacle themselves.

Let me get my points straight here.
I don’t have anything against people cheering their fav.performers when they PERFORM.
Look at it this way. Being at a sports pub, watching you favourite team play. Don’t you think it would be rather annoying after a while if this one guy standing in the corner were to yell and cheer and shout everytime his team made a pass? Like not just when they scored/made touchdowns, but everytime they made a pass, a freekick(/throw?) etc.
In the same way, i don’t really feel thats there any point in cheering just because Anthony Rojas lands a double or nothing or a trapeze. There might be someone in the crowd just as eager to see his/hers favourite play. Don’t be that kid who ruin the experience for you, being a distraction from the performance.

As said, cheering when your fav enters the stage, when he lands a legit banger, and when he’s done is just fine, go ahead! But these kids entering their own “i cheer the most”-competition need to stop.

And them standing close to the front and therefore close to a recording-device isn’t really an excuse. I still have to watch all these freestyles via YT or Vimeo or something else anyway.

I’m not saying it’s an excuse or anything but for example in the Si Yee Pong video Yoyoavenger posted you hear one person really loud but in reality when I was there I couldn’t even hear that person over everyone else cheering. I’m just saying that sometime is sounds like one person is being a nuisance but they’re just part of the crowd’s energy.

And I agree with you on the points above.

Well, yeah, i get that.
Though it’s unfortunate that some person don’t realise that he’s standing right next to a microphone.

True it’d be cool if someone like YYF or Duncan could get the music mixes from the players and mute everything and play that over it for those who want to see/hear the yoyoing in sync with the song or even just have decent sound quality for the music.


There is also the footage stream which should still be at  look near the end of the feed for the 1a freestyles.  I am expecting to get the entire event in HD here pretty soon. I plan on uploading the entire thing as one file with time jumps for each division.

I honestly don’t mind the crowds enthusiasm. A part of me finds it funny, but honestly, I’m flattered and motivated when I’m being cheered for.It actually helps me. That might feel different if you’re a sponsored pro who knows how to “hype” up the crowd, or if you’re just really good, then you expect that kind of stuff, but I think it makes me really happy when people cheer, especially if they’re cheering for a humbled kind of yoyoer, it really boosts self-esteem and makes them feel good. I also love when crowds cheer for actual creative and overall good tricks, and not over-dramatized black hops or something like that. I also believe that “hype” and “swag” shouldn’t be the only thing to get fanboys screaming your whole performance. I know you have a respective title, but I think everyone deserves an equal amount of cheers depending on the tricks you do…

This is just a nonsense rant to some, so you don’t need to take it seriously.

They’re screaming for ice-cream.