To anyone attending future competitions/freestyles

Don’t be that kid in front yelling “WHAAAAAAT” and “WHAAAAAAT” and “WHAAAAAT” everytime the performer does a string hit. I mean, seriously, there are some who starts yelling even before the guy/girl on the stage lands a trick. Thats how it feels like to me, atleast.
It’s perfectly fine to cheer at your fav. player a bit, though there are some who goes so ridiculously over the top.
IMO the yelling kinda spoils the vids out on youtube. It gotta be that much more annoying standing next to that kid IRL.

Anyone agree or is it just me having a bad day here?

Here’s an example:


I laughed so hard at that video.
I think silence is the polite thing. You should only cheer like THAT if they do a really cool banger.


I was by the judges yesterday at Cal States and in front of me there was this annoying kid who would scream his balls off every other trick. At first it was funny, but 5 people into 1A finals that screaming got old very quickly…

I refuse, and you will never make me stop.

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It’s different if it’s like that,but one kid saying “Oh”,“Yeah” ,and " What" the whole time is lucky not to be shunned for the rest of the day. Applause and cheer should be saved until the end,unless there are crazy awesome tricks being done.

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It’s actually supposed to be “WAAAA” WAAAAAH".

But yeah I find it to be part of the contest atmosphere yeah you can go over board but heck how many times do you get to see your favorite yoyoers compete live.

I dont care


you would very much enjoy this! I had to watch it in silence because the one kid kept screaming for no reason

Yeah, I was standing right behind that kid. Kind of distracting.

That’s the kid I was talking about! It was funny at first, but I got annoying after 4 performances of him screaming like he’s in a metal band.

It was Keiran Cooper…annoying as heck

Me and some others believe people are way too up tight about this.

That said, we have started a new crew. #screamcru
bringing the hype to contest starting BAC 2013.

Be ready, cause you all haven’t seen NOTHING yet.




Screamcru xD

This made me chuckle heartily :smiley:

Screamcru sounds like a really crappy swedish deathmetal band.


That kid needed to be punched…really hard. That’s so ignorant…

This thread is a goldmine. I died reading it, and watching all the videos.

On a side note, if you ever are making a horror movie and need murder screams, these would be perfect.

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Oh god I am laughing so hard right now.

Surpised this hasn’t been posted.

Note, some utube comments are not family friendly.

Hahaha I needed a good laugh i love this thread!