Gawking at yoyoers

Anyone when they watch a Yoyo video gawk at the person yoyoing even if you can do the stuff there doing?

I do that all the time! I watched a fellow forumn members first video- I don’t remember his name- but he was doing stuff that I can do in my sleep,yet I was still awed at how great he was doing it- it was so smooth and flowy!


I’ve been around a while and seen a LOT of things. Yoyo is just another form of entertainment. That isn’t to say I can’t be amazed and want to push myself harder to improve though.

I find what works best for me is attending contests. Videos lack some dimension to me. Seeing it live and in person is a way I connect better with.

I got a lot of people to find at Nationals to give thank yous to for how their videos helped me. These individuals need to hear first-hand that the effort they put into their videos is appreciated. It’s the very least I can do. If I learned something, was inspired or took something away POSITIVE, it’s worth my time and effort to pay them acknowledgement.

Gawking at a video? Makes little sense to me.


I remembered showing some of my friends (at a meet) a Purple Flamingo Catch tut (by Chuck) and they were complaining it’s hard to do.
A week later i mastered the trick and showed them, and they were motivated to learn.

I think Abby’s point is simply that people are amazing. You can watch someone executing tricks in a way that’s different than your own, or “better” than your own, and you can just be drawn in by how unique or skilled a player can be. You’re watching this combo that’s not technically challenging, but the player just makes it look great because of their execution.

Leaves you just watching and enjoying instead of pausing and studying.

I don’t think it was a “learn in person” versus “learn from videos” point at all.

I like to see skillful players but I really like to see players that are having fun! (Even if they aren’t that skilled) :wink:

We all like what we like for our own reasons so if we differ from one another, it’s all good! We still share a common bond attatched by a string.

This is me. Are you a mind reader?

Im not sure if any of you remember my video that i did a flip in at the beginning? But thy was an awesome day for me, i was jumpin all over the place flips, handsprings and whatnot, i would lan and throw it down hard and bust out some moves, i had so much flow that day. Twas a good day 8D

Happened when I watched iYoyo58’s video. Even though it wasn’t ground breaking, seeing him get 100% better than the last time I saw him was amazing.


I have been tossin these toys for five years nowww. Im okay with jojos. Not amazin! One thing i have learned to enjoy is all these kids, i have enjoyed watching them progress. When i sent Andy that MMN he was just beginning! Now that kid is landing tricks that idek the names to!

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Samer here! I watched that vid like 5 times.

Yay! I’m happy lots of other people think similar!

I do once in a while. Every so often, I come across someone whose style is really different. But, I have to admit that I am not the most expressive person, even when I am amazed and impressed.

I am not too advanced. So, a lot of videos I watch of yoyoers, I gawk at. I have seen Janos Karancz’s, Christopher Chia’s, and Luis Enrique Villasenor’s 2013 Finals freestyles so many times yet I still gawk at them. :slight_smile: