Your view when you are playing

Quite a silly question but i’m really curious because i rarely see people discuss about this so…

When you are playing, do you look perpendicularly or slightly inclined to the yoyo?

I hold it at my stomach so I guess inclined?

Speaking about view. I just recently realized how good my yoyoing looks in a mirror compared to when I’m looking straight down at it.

Sometimes I don’t look. Other times I glance down or in some cases in front of me depending on where the yoyo happens to be. If I’m trying to learn something I watch more closely.

I usually watch TV and yoyo at the same time.

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Same here, I look more closely like jhb when learning. But I also look closely too when I’m messing up and have a problem.

I usually just yoyo in the shower. It’s whatevs. :wink: haha

I dont yoyo

Ya I think it looks a lot cooler when your standing in front and just watching but I guess inclined?

So do I

I look at the mirror once every few minutes and I also watch TV because it’s right below the mirror

I Just got done with a “creative” session.

I read over this thread a couple days ago, I just wasn’t sure how I felt the way I orientate my throws. I was messing around with some air stalls, finally got them to shoot up. I also was changing the way i threw the yoyo, instead of a breakaway I was throwing kinda frontstyle? If anyone has seen other throwers throw their throws kinda forward, to where they stick their non throwhand pointer out under the string causing the THROW to pitch down and sorta “unravel”. I did some upside down eli hops like that, twisted/turned around and what not. I noticed, upon binding from twisting and turning my body in 180 degree turns, that my string tension stays perfect :wink: Im going to move like that from now on, put some music on and just floww to the music. I realized in order to really throw in synchronization with music, you have to move your body too, not just your arms. I cant wait to get a starlite and go to these showws. Haha oooww! Anyways, does anybody feel me on that? THROW!!! Hahaha Love YoRED.