Filming yourself may surprise you

I found that when you film yourself yourself yo-yoing, you actually get to see what other people see. In first person view, you may think “This trick is unimpressive and very boring”. However, if you film yourself and look in 3rd person view, the trick looks a lot more impressive. It may also actually show an error in your trick if you have trouble landing it.

That’s just my opinion.

That’s what I found. Or if you yoyo in front of a mirror. For a while I thought some of my tricks looked bad, but after filming it, it gives you a confidence boost in a way.

It’s true.

You can also practice in front of a mirror(and risk breaking it),but you’re not as objective as you’re concentrating too much on either watching(and messing up) or the trick(and not watching). Watching video lets you at least concentrate on viewing, while earlier you were concentrating on the trick. Sometimes multi-tasking isn’t always the best utilization of time.

Could you imagine the old days of having to use 16mm film to do this? Man, that would just be too expensive! Videotape made this affordable. Digital technology made this really super viable. The rapid and near-instant capabilities made possible with the solid state storage really make this a fantastic tool. This is one of those things that needs instant analysis.

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And, your Studio grade equipment makes it even easier!

I also found this to be the case. I started trying to film myself when I was in a bit of a rut and having trouble with some new tricks I was working with. Seemed like a good distraction.

When I played it back I was really surprised at how good I looked. I seemed so much faster and the tricks much more complex than I thought was the case. What I really noticed is how much your hands are doing that you don’t realize since you’re always focused on the string and yoyo. It makes the tricks look much more impressive in 3rd person.

Exactly. When I was only doing stuff like cold fusion and skin the gerbil from a 1st person view they looked bad. But when I decided to film myself from my Ipod just to see how it looked, it turned out so much better then I thought. The tricks looked smoother and faster when actually watching myself.

It’s definantly still great to see how my combos look from a different view.

Today I was playing around with filming myself. What I didn’t notice was that my string was the same color as my shirt, so the yoyo looked like it was floating. It was really cool, but not good for finding errors, checking for smoothness, etc.

I find that works nicely.


that is true with every performing art namely magic ,juggling and of course yoyoing thats y i like to practice in front of a mirror.

I have been making a monthly video from month 4 (just filmed month 7 couple weeks ago) which I am doing so that over time I can look back and see how far I have come…month 8 video will be coming in next couple weeks and should have some new stuff I learned in last couple days, like suicide, 1.5 mount suicide, DoN suicide, Asian Pops, Magic Drop, Kamikaze and 1.5 mount slack whip…

I think the biggest difference is how fast it looks. Filming myself doing kamikaze yesterday. I compared myself to the way Andre does it on his tuts here on YYE. I thought i was alot slower, though im pretty equal in what goes for speed, as i found out

its the opposite for me. i think a trick is impressive and good, but then it looks bad

It’s definitely a handy learning tool. Gives you a chance to see exactly what you’re messing up or how to improve tricks you can already nail. If it’s good enough for professional athletes, it’s certainly good enough for us.

And besides, who doesn’t enjoy basking in their own awesomeness? XD