this bothers me...

(JosephP) #1

When you do a trick and it feels lame but when you record and watch it in a 3rd person view it looks so much cooler lol

Anyone else feel this way or am I just weird?..


at times then your blown away like what that’s me???


why would this bother you?


i think it’s like a sorta of thing like wow this is cooler than I thought ugh why does it need to be such a mind shattering awesome trick

(JosephP) #5

I guess I feel like when I’m doing the trick it should feel as awesome as it looks haha


What bothers me is that I always seem to do the same stuff over and over, like I’m stuck in a rut.


I was stuck in that rut but watched zammy’s new video about tricks and boom the block was gone!

(kclejeune) #8

This is me too.


I always film myself after making a combo to see how it looks. If something looks off to me when I watch it I’ll often change it.


To me, it’s the other way around. From my angle, I think the trick I’m doing is awesome. When I see it on video though, sometimes it’s kind of underwhelming.


^Same here.^ I think my new trick is the bomb until I film myself doing it. Helps me improve myself stylistically, though.

(WildCat23) #12

The Illuminati


the NSA




same here