My Favorite Tricks

These are my Favorite Tricks. Not exactly my hardest or complext ones, but just my Favorites. Nothing Special, just me Throwing Outside in 1 spot the whole time. Enjoy!  :wink:
YoYo Used: YYF SuperStar
-Cody Wright

love it ;D

Slow it down a little bit
Your awesomeness is killing me

Thanks Guys!
But I like to play fast on camera. In my opinion it makes my tricks look 5 times better. But Ill keep your idea in concideration. :wink:

If you keep it a little slower, you can make it look smoother and make it cooler and more under control. ;D

kay, im gonna be totally honest here. please, please please cut down on what comes off as arrogance, i dont know if you mean to be or not… but every video i’ve ever seen you post you always write something like “these arent my best tricks or anything”… and you should slow the tricks down, smoothness = style. Whereas speed can just equal show-off sometimes.
i’m not being a hater or anything, but do you realize every post has your name in it 3 times? :-\

sorry if I appear to be rude (that is not my intention at all) I just feel that you have tons of potential to be on everyone’s favorite thrower list, but the “big show” might turn some people away. (i see it happen in the underground music scene all the time, and i dont want it to happen to you with yoyoing)

i totally love your style and tricks though dude, they are absolutley mindblowing. i especially like the 3rd one and the 2nd last one… that one is awesome in my opinion ;D

If I meant to say or do anything offensive, Im extremely sorry and had no Idea. The reason i say that is because Im less stressed off camera, and im not worried about having people watching my practice tricks. I definitely put every message and comment I get into concideration. I apologogize if I seemed even the slightest bit cocky or offensive, cause thats really not what kind of person I am. :-\

nice. Love it !!! :wink:

I agree on the slowing down, at least for the camera. It might just be my crappy computer but I could barely make out the tricks. I get you have a very fast style, but unless you have the proper camera, it’s going to have a real hard time following your speed.

What I did see looked really amazing, and you have a nice speedy fluid style. I’m quite impressed. :smiley:
And of course, the under the arm bind ALWAYS gets props in my book. Always looks great. Keep it up Cody, let’s see what more you can bring to the table.

Thanks a ton man.
And yes, the Computer/Webcam I used for this is a bit fuzzy at times, but for the most part has a little Better Quality. This is just the Camera I had at my Dads house, at my Moms house I have an HD camera that records, in my opinion, a lot better. :wink: