Socal preview.

#1  Practice for Socal contest in January.  Uploaded in low quality, sorry.  Enjoy!  :slight_smile:


Has anyone ever told you your a REALLY good yoyoer? You’ve got a lot going for you, bro.


I love the sound of your Rockstar haha. I think you should try and chill your tricks down a little, the speed is great for points, but I’ve found slowing the speed down is better for making more creative tricks, then you can speed it up all you want. It’s also way easier to make concepts up when you yoyo more slowly. Just a thought, other than that I loved it! That last trick looks way epic…I dig.


haha, thanks. It’s a freestyle, so I could go more slow.


I understand the FS element of going faster to get more points if thats what you’re looking for. I’m just saying going slow can help open up new trick possiblities, which can eventually be sped up and put in a freestyle.

I do LOVE your tricks tho, you definitely got a shot at SOCAL.


Thanks! It means a lot. I don’t think I have a chance though.


I’m still thinking top 5-6 isn’t unreasonable if you go clean.


Wow, that was really good. I mean the speed of your tricks alone just blew my mind haha.

Great Job Man!



Haha, probably not. It’s harder than you think, and I always do bad in contests.

Thanks! I really appreciate it! I wasn’t even trying to go fast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, you’re way good dude.
How long have you been throwing?


2 years


See you at PNWR man! I still think you gotta shot man!