What do you guys think?

So i was watching some BAC freestyles today and it seems like the “new” thing to do is go as fast as you can and i was wondering what are your thoughts about this?

maybe, faster will score more string hits.

but i’m thinking about john ando freestyle on world 2008. he did’t go fast. :slight_smile:

I think going fast is cool, but you have to know how fast to go. Some tricks look good really fast, others don’t.

In competitions it’s usual to go faster than normal, just to squeeze in more tricks.
But sometimes you may want to go slower, like Shmoe93 said. I guess it just depends on how fast the yoyoers want to go.

not all yoyoers that win go fast just look at jon robs ner 2010 freestyle its very slow and smooth

In my opinion, speed kills yoyoing.
I like to see the technicality of a trick, what the guy is doing, not just take his word that more is going on than what I see. But on the other hand, going extremly slow isn’t great either. It’s all about finding that happy median