the speed of your trick

hey guys just out of curiosity i was wondering if when you do your tricks if it matters the speed? because i found that i don’t like going fast in my tricks i much rather go a little slower. is this bad for contest?

Normally if you want to win a contest then yes, yoyoing slow is going to be a disadvantage. I yoyo slow, and I like it that way. I also don’t compete.
If you compete at a slow pace your tricks will need to be very visually appealing, and innovative, for them to equal out the speed. It is possible but not common.

Certain combo’s that I do require a different pace than others. All, combo’s can be done at the same pace, but certain tricks feel better if done faster or slower. This is not necessarily a bad thing for contests, but it all depends on what your comfortable with. I myself, like to go slower, but I do like to put some pace to my style.

My yoyoing speed is pretty slow. More chilled and relaxed, there are times where I try to be speedy, but it turns out bad lol

I also tend to favor more relaxed pace. It’s visually pleasing for the viewer (whoever may be watching me throw), and relaxing for me. The fast pace just gets to be too much for my brain to figure what is even going on. Life is already fast paced as it is, so I like to take it slower when yoyoing :slight_smile:

Ok, so I will try to pick up the pace on some elements for variation but not crazy fast. Boingy Boing is one of them I like to control the speed on, go fast, then slow, then fast.

Not sure how judging goes for competitions these days but I had read that in the past, your score was based on your landing on the string. Obviously the more frequent you’re landing on a string, the more points…and using the quickest maneuver possible to get into the next mount or whatever shaves off time on your end so you can rack up more points.