The Camera Effect?

One thing I noticed while yoyo-ing is that when I am playing around and yoyoing freely, I can usually nail my tricks perfectly over and over again. Then when I bring out my camera to actually film it…I can’t land it. Like constantly messing it up which is frustrating. Even simple things become super difficult in front of a camera. Does this happen to anyone else?

Yup. I know that feel all too well.

Makes me wonder how I’ll ever compete. :-\

It’s because you’re trying too hard not to mess up, you mess up.
You know when yoyoing normally you don’t really think about the trick, but in front of the camera suddenly you’re focusing too much… there is too much pressure. This is different from how you practiced, see what I mean?
The more you do it, the less likely you will mess up, it happened to me in the past, now that I’ve been doing it for many times, it’s a lot easier.
My advice… don’t focus on your mistakes, when it happens, continue and finish the trick. Stopping on your mistake usually puts more pressure, making things harder.

Practice in front of a camera…

This used to happen to me so often. I just wasn’t used to it. I started making practice videos, and I no longer feel any different.

My advice would be to normalize the situation.

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This happens to everyone else pretty much.

It’s worse when you are on stage at a contest. I suggest practicing in front of a camera, family, and friends to guarantee you can hit your tricks under pressure.

This is a great topic

Performance anxiety, the more you do it the more comfortable you will be

Just imagine the camera naked


I can’t see how it helps anything…

This doesn’t happen to me a whole lot anymore I might feel a little pressure in front of the camera but I can still hit my ticks there are other factors for me though. I like to film outside and on some tricks the wind can make me mess up so mutch and then a get really frustrated.

Look at this video

I think I did almost a hundread takes on that trick I could not hit it at all because of the wind. I don’t no if you can tell but I’m pretty mad in that video but I hit the trick (eventually) and go it done and now its over


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I never hit tricks consistently even when alone anyway. #gitgud

Haha! slowyojoe, glad you got to see that video (it was good fun) but it was the wrong one. :wink: Updated!

Experienced this first hand the other week at a talent show. I landed everything fine backstage, but then it all fell apart during the performance. I blame the bright lights ::slight_smile:

that exact same thing happened to me :-\

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Happens to me all the time. That’s why everything on camera for me is so sloppy. Oh well. At least I got a better video editor.