Guys, I need help


So Worlds is coming up in a month and I’m working on my routine. But I’ve only got my first throw down. I’m having troubles with getting inspiration for my tricks. A lot. I’ve already signed up for it. I can’t even find good music to use. Music that feels like it works with my style.
Anyone have any tips to fix yoyoers’ block? Good EDM I could use?
I’m having a lot of trouble here guys.

~Mr. YoyoGuy

(2Sick Joey) #2

Probably should have been working on a freestyle for a while now. Good thing is for prelims you only need 1 minute routine down. I do plan on going as well but wot be competing because it made no sense for me to spend $50 to not even have a shot to make it past prelims. Watch some videos for some inspiration. The old fashioned way of just yoyoing till you come up with new tricks is good too.


I have been working on it for a while now. But nothing new’s really come to me.
Also, I know I won’t make it past the prelims. (If I do it’ll be a miracle. I wasn’t planning to. But since This is the last time for four years we’ll have it near me, I figured I’d go.) But yeah. Any videos I should watch?


What’s your style? I can better tailor video suggestions for you if you tell me. Same with music suggestions.


I take a little bit of my style from guy Wright. I’m smooth and a little faster. Love me some slacks.
And I like EDM music, especially Dubstep or Glitch hop.


Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep

Raid on the Radio by General Elektriks

Pretty much anything by Gorillaz


Madeon Finale

Madeon The City

Madeon Icarus


The city is a great song to throw to  ;D


I just tried throwing to it. It’s true.


I love those three songs.


Pretty Lights - Let’em know when it’s time to go


Good heavens those are good songs! To iTunes!!!


Earl Sweatshirt-Earl Instrumental? (It’s slow and electronic though)
The M Machine-Promise Me A Rose Garden


Watch adrien la his youtube is gotriceful his style is awesome hes a very fast 1a player and he uses great edm music


You’re going to think this is kind of interesting when you hear the song. But try it, it’s a fun song to throw to.


Omg Adrien is soooo good, he’s awesome! Im subbed to him…


Oh yes, watch Ryota Ogi Overdrive. Watch the second one.


Like going slow, speeding up and doing smooth flowing slacks?

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex is the perfect song for you.