Do you watch all the freestyles

So how about it? Do you watch all the freestyles when you go too a contest, or do they not hold your interest and only watch some, or possible none?
For me it’s a no. I don’t watch all the freestyles and in fact hardly watch any of them. I normally watch my friends and people who I think might do something interesting. I try and catch most of the 5A group. I actually watch more freestyles from contest I don’t attend then the ones I do normally. I know among my friends in the yoyoing community this is a fairly normal practice, just wondering about the group here at yoyoexpert.

I try to watch all of them via Live Streaming. If I can’t, then usually, only the best few.

I’m talking about when you actually attend the contest.

Not all of them, but a good amount.

It depends. I often watch the finals if I need a break from standing and throwing all day, but otherwise, just a few here and there.

I think watching is more important. You can focus on yoyoing any other day, contests are too few to not watch performances in person.

If I’m free during the live stream, then I’ll catch pretty much all of the finals freestyles. If not, I’ll usually watch the top 3 in each category and whichever other freestyles are getting a lot of buzz on social media and on the forums.


I usually watch my friends pretty carefully along with anybody that I know of and enjoy their style. I basically watch most people but I only intently pay attention to people I know.

I watch my friends freestyle’s and proffesional players that I like

At the ones that I got to (throwdown, eastern regionals, MA States) I usually freak out half way through because of my gosh darn anxiety and I just need to walk out and take a breather. A 20 minute breather.

I think part of it for me is the fact that I know I will be able to just watch then in high def on youtube when I get home.

It depends on the contest and the mood for me.
At the International Yoyo Open in 08, I found myself wandering around, mingling a bit here and there, and occasionally taking a look at a freestyle on the stage. Where as worlds of that same year, I sat and watched all of the final freestyles for the most part.

So do you think anything would keep you glued to the stage every time?

A giant squid that tap-danced with a giant fez on.

John Narum has pretty darn close to every single eye on him at Minnesota comps.

Yea I always watch his

Ok I can see that so we are talking about faster, big tricks. seems like at least in 1A the performances are going that way currently.
I think the on/off stage pace is a bit of a problem with the current format. It might help hold peoples focus with a faster turn around between competitors.

I don’t watch all the freestyles but the semi finals and finals 1a freestyles I have to watch there just so wow.

yeah that is what I think nearly all of us do. We watch what we want or what we think is going to be cool, but everything else we skip.

I watch 1A and the big names in 5A.