Titian 3

Anyone know anything about the Titian 3?

If you like the way it looks, and you can afford it… then buy it

It’s pretty gewd

It plays VERY fast. Its faster then the phenom in my opinion.

Fits your style then :slight_smile:

It as a very soft feeling in the hand, good grinds, fast performance, handles horizontal as good as a Phenom but gives you a softer rim and a flat spot for gyro tricks. Also looks way cool inside and out. It’s also very reasonably priced.


It’s a chunck of titanium-ringed awesomeness on a string. It’s so soft in grinds! Has the cool finger insert for finger spins, holds horizontal great, very fast, good weight, and overall great design!

It looks and sounds like an amazing yoyo, I wonder why people don’t talk about it that often.

Yeah i wish :P. I used to pursue speed, but now i prefer medium speed with acombination of whips, slack and tech. I can still go pretty fast if i really try though hah :smiley: