Any Reviews on Titan 3???

I’m thinking of buying one sometime in the next 6 or so months and want to know how it plays compared to a CLYW chief


I think i saw YourBBQ using it one of his vids. Ask him

iYoyo58 has one, though I warn you, his opinion will be biased.

The Titan3 is a reasonable performer. Nice wide catch zone and quite fast. Not quite as stable as the Chief and less spin time. Smaller diameter of just under 56mm that feels more like 53-54mm 'cause of the steep concave shape.

While I can’t really fault its performance there’s numerous other choices that play better for less $$$. What makes the Titan3 stand out is its unique appearance with the diamond pattern, clear refractive anodisation and of course the titanium weight rings. In a case full of throws it’s one that will really catch people’s attention.

i’m heavily contemplating getting it just for collection’s sake… it just looks so… clean… classy… professional