Titanium Comparison

For those of you who recently purchased the Titanium Dream and also own other titaniums, how do you feel the Dream stacks up to the rest?

Compared to the…
•any other titaniums you may possess

I have a ricochet and Ti Dream. The ricochet is undersize, a powerful beast, organic. The Dream is full size, wing shaped, and powerful. I would say the Dream is my favorite throw (dethroning a Too HOT, Flow, and Cypher). The ricochet is fun, I purchased it used, & sparked, so, I’m super relaxed with it. However, both are titanium, which feels indestructible, so, I should be relaxed with either.

If I had to choose, I would probably recommend the Dream over the ricochet, only because the dream feels longer spinning and more stable.

The annodized purple Dream vs the 3yo3 Ti5

The Dream is insanely rim weighted so it has a powerful feel, powerful spin, very stable, rpms are slower, can thumb grind, probably finger spins pretty good, but not good for other grinds (obviously since it’s shiny annodized) Did I mention it’s gorgeous? It does have a little bit of vibe and It’s a very fast yoyo but…

The 3yo3 Ti5is faster and smoother. Like “this is the fastest yoyo you will ever throw” fast. And it can change direction faster than any other throw I’ve played. It also has a high rpms. However, it’s not as stable. It will reward you with fantastic play if your hitting your tricks smoothly and definitively put punish you with burn out if your sloppy, whereas you can afford more slop with the dream. this is because the bulk of the Ti5’s weight is in the middle. So it’s basically a mid-sized throw that plays like an undersized. Since it’s a raw ti, it grinds decent, but thumb grinds and finger spins are harder.

Conclusions: The dream was a much better bang for my buck–though this is taking into account I got it from their indigo campaign. I would choose the dream over the Ti5 for a competition, but I would really have a tough time choosing if I had to let go of one or the other. One thing I forgot to mention is I really like the response better on the Ti5 since its wider and accomodates silicone better.

Both are great throws and you really can’t go wrong with either.

Ti5 is still one of the best yoyos i’ve ever owned. Definitely one of the ones i regret selling the most.

Thanks for the replies! I had no idea the Ti5 got so much praise.

Dream vs. Ti Walker: The Dream is a heavier, larger yo-yo than the Ti Walker. While still titanium speedy, the Dream is not as fast or maneuverable as the Ti Walker. This may have to do with both weight and size; as well as design. The rims are similar in relative thickness, but the Ti Walker distributes this rim-weight along a wider and longer profile. The Dream seems to be more liner in shape and keeps its weight ion the edges because of this. I find that the Ti Walker has superior play characteristics. It is light, speedy and is capable of changing direction better than anything I have.

Dream vs. Dazzler: This is a much closer comparison. They both have similar weight and size, but the shapes are considerably different. Interestingly, the play is quite similar despite the shape difference. They have comparable spin while I might give the Dazzler a bit of a stability edge. The biggest difference is when the yo-yo is doing intricate movements. The Dazzler seems capable of small direction changes a bit easier. I think that may be due to its weight being distributed more in the middle than the DReams more extreme rim-weight; like the Walker.

my $0.02.

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That’s the one I’ve been waiting for, thanks for the insight!

Anyone have anything to add about the Evora or CiTizen?

^^ Only played with the Evora and the Citizen for a few minutes; but I do have some insight for a comparison between the two.

The Citizen is larger, and plays slightly larger than the Evora, but plays slightly lighter. What I noticed is that the Evora seemed to spin up faster than the Citizen, essentially having more momentum than the Citizen. Both Ti’s play similar, but very different at the same time. I threw the Citizen a bit more than the Evora, when I tried them both out at IYYC. The Citizen also felt more stable and maneuverable than that of the Evora. The Evora played similar to the Dazzler, in a sense that both have very large amounts of torque, while bring very agile and light. The Citizen can also be compared to the Ti Dream, both have similar performance characteristics. Both yoyo’s were very enjoyable to play, and I was astonished by the performance that each Ti gave. I wished that I could own both, or at least one of them :smiley: