Tell me about the Titanuim Dream

Hi everyone.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the YYF Ti Dream yoyo (only those who have used one, please).

Also, how does it compare to the Japan Technology Ribira?

I have one I purchased on the indegogo campaign. I like it a lot. It is stable, fast enough for me, and, what I would call nimble. It changes direction well, seems to have good enough spin times for me to work trough learning a trick.

I can’t compare to the Ribra as I haven’t used one. I can say the Kenshin reminds me a lot of the Ti Dream.

One of the best yoyos I have ever played with. Feels much lighter and faster than 65 grams.

If only you had a Kenshin…

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I feel like the Kenshin plays more like a draupnir than ti dream. Ti dream feels faster and lighter to me than a Kenshin and draup despite being 2 grams heavier. Truly amazing throw!