Titan3's Trick

I don’t know if is the right place to post but, I’ve discovered that the Titan3 has some-what built in mini lateral caps. I own two YYJ Theory’s and it can last a pretty long time when its finger grinding, but the Titan3 last a bit longer, and it has the same slick feeling. Has anyone tried this or am I the first?

So am I the first? And I meant balancing it on my finger(like in the Theory promo video).

That’s what they’re designed for so I’m guessing people have done it.


Do you have an easier or more difficult time with the Titan 3 when compared to the Theory? I’ve been having a nightmare of a time spinning my Theory on my finger. Significantly easier for me to do tricks like that on my Dark Sonic, Yeah 3, and even Cupcake.

its easier on my Theory, but it spins longer on my Titan3. If you want, ill make a tutorial on how to spin it on your finger, its fairly easy, especially with a glove.

I just have terrible aim when attempting to catch it. I think that’s why I have an easier time on my C3s, larger “catch zone” so to speak for the finger tip. I’m glad to know this about the Titan 3 though. It looks great. I was thinking of buying one anyway, this could make it even more fun!

don’t start out trying to catch it mid air. The catch zone is very small, therefore stop practicing with bigger throws for a while until you adjust to the smaller catch Zone

Titan3s where designed for that? I never knew, and I’m a die hard YYJ fan. EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE :’(

The Titan3 wasn’t designed entirely for the finger spins but that little extra hub was put on it specifically for finger spins.


I thought it was just something to make it look cool.