Titian 3, Flow, Phenom


Just wondering how these three yoyo’s play and are. The Titian 3, Flow, and Phenom.

Thanks and have a nice day :wink: :wink:


I prefer the Phenom. I have two. Fast, speed, stable, sounds like a spinning tin can, feels a bit hollow, and can handle anything except those gyro grinds. It’s meant for both fast play and horizontal play, including fast horizontal. It’s all catch zone and the narrow rims can hurt on longer play sessions. Excellent weight and balance.

Titan 3: Has a soft feel. Comfortable, stable, solid, great grinder, far better than the Phenom AND can do the gyro tricks. Ideal for horizontal and speed. Very quiet as well. The rounded rims are nice on longer sessions and there is more weight at the rims as well, adding to the stability.

I will be buying a Flow soon. The way the Flow looks, I know I’ll like it. The now closed promotion means nothing to me as this is a model I will be buying. I like V shapes.


I’ve only played the Phenom out of those three, but I second most of what Chris said. It almost feels too light. I took the caps off mine and the hollow feeling goes away a bit.


The Flow is insanely good.


Yeah I agree with the weight and feeling. It’s like 69.4 grams, so it’s kind of heavy, but it doesn’t play heavy. That trapped air by the caps is what makes the yoyo sound hollow, so if you remove the caps, the sound and feeling goes away. I just like the way it looks better with the caps.


Well its not quite that heavy ::slight_smile:
Acid Wash: 65 grams
Black: 65.5 grams
Purple: 66.5 grams
Gold W/ Nickel Plating: 69.1 grams


Have you thought about the Hex because that is an awesome throw. Smooth and a little floaty but it is just smooth not like just vibeless smooth but it just plays smooth. Also if the phenom is anything like the PHENOMizm and you are dead set on one of these then get the PHENOM.


Agreed! Amazing Throw!!!


I have the gold with nickel plating. I didn’t realize the rest were lighter. I better play my black one tomorrow.