Titanium SINGS!


I love the sound of Ti but never thought to try this until tonight. Watch the volume it gets LOUD. I could have gone louder but I’m afraid I’m gonna start breaking glass!


Wow! I have try this with my ti cadence, but slightly concerned about hitting it like that.

(Justin ) #3

What’s the material of the rod you are using?

(Victorian YoYos) #4

I don’t know why I’ve never thought about someone doing this


It’s a wooden chopstick - no way it would damage the Ti.

I have wanted a singing bowl for a while. I love the sound. They require a wooden mallet to rub against the bowl to create the singing. It’s like rubbing your finger around the rim of a crystal goblet. While ringing my Ti tonight with my fingernail I got the idea to grab a wooden chopstick and try - to GREAT success!