Titanium axle TMBR

I wanted to see how metal felt in my TMBR Lovejoy so I made a titanium axle for it. Still responsive with a 2 penny gap. Plays smooth. I kind of miss the string feed back but it is cool that it doesn’t have the wood vibe.

I made the axle so I can throw full strength with out scorching. :wink: I needed a way to eek out a little more spin time while still being fixed axle.

That’s so cool. I need one!

I have been throwing full power with poly and no sign of wear after 20 minutes.
I love that it works with any string type and will never wear out. I need to make one for my Baldwin now!

That’s kinda cool. Metal isn’t my favorite for fixed axle, but I do have some nostalgia for it from my old Duncan’s as a kid. This is a neat experiment and seems like fun to play around with these things.

Are a bit 'confused.
I don’t think that the behavior of the yoyo stayed the same, I tried to make axles with teflon, nylon, aluminum on my no-jive, to try to increase the time to spinn and in any case the yoyo has unpredictable behavior, sometimes back normally, other struggling because the material is too smooth and doesn’t allow the string safe return.
Moreover, the same Tom Khun said that over time he tried to make boards of each material but the only satisfactory result got it with wood.

Wood has the best response and the most “right” feel to it.

The performance of the metal is dependent on the surface finish of the metal. It can be polished to deaden the response or left with a brushed or satin finish for more response.

I don’t think it is anywhere near the best material all around but it is nice to be able to practice around and not burn my axle.

I will be making some axles out of wood eventually but for now I am playing with the metal. ;D

Dude. Well done. That sounds like an excellent project and is very intriguing!