Fixed axle goodness

There is much love for the new trend of “Wood is Good.” So I have a question. Wood yoyos are generally accepted to sport a “fixed axle” that is made of wood. Duncan butterflys also appear to have their axle fixed.( a metal one?)

What kind of difference in performance can you expect from the differing axle material and do you use cotton strings for metal axles as well?

I’m pretty sure people like wood because of the material. No only does material make a huge difference in a yoyo, but they like to enjoy the roots of yoyoing.

Haha, get it?? Trees have roots…

I am also interested in this as well. I suppose using wood would allow for more of a grip when you’d give it a tug compared to a much smoother surface such as metal or plastic.

A metal axle requires a response system, such as the starburst in a Duncan Butterfly. Wood axle throws generally don’t require a response system because the friction of the string on the axle is enough to return it to your hand. You can use any string you like on a metal axle. The friction is low, therefore you won’t melt polyester like you would on wood.

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i experience a LOT more inconsistency and fragility from butterflies than from most of the good wood models. drew tetz loves a good butterfly (and so do i) but they are few and far between. for me, there’s an undeniable holistic appeal to throwing something that’s carved out of a hunk of organic matter. i find that plastic fixed axle yoyo’s tend to feel like plastic bearing yo-yo’s… which just don’t sleep very long, whereas wood has an indescribable feel that just inspires me to play.



I’m keen to develop more of my sense of the different types of wood axles (hemlock, walnut, etc)

You make a good point. Butterflies are cheap and inconsistent. You’d have to buy several to find one that plays decent. And there really is no substitute for wood.