Tips on making Freehand Zero unresponsive?

I got a fhz, it’s a lot of fun, I got it used. Now when it came in, it was unresponsive, but now it went responsive. I’ve cleaned the bearing, only one pad is in. Any tips

Does it have the widest spacer in, and did you put the spacer in correct?
Also I don’t know if they ever did it but are the fhz’s now stock with pad recess’s? like the freakhands?
If they are not recessed then you will have to throw strait or it won’t be unresponsive.
Last time I got a fhz they provided two sets of spacers but neither was the maxed gap size spacer.
I got a mg, and a freakhand recently that also didn’t come with maxed out spacers. You have to buy a kit for the largest spacers. :frowning: