Unresponsive Freehand.

Is it possible to make a Freehand 2 or Zero unresponsive with out modding? Right now my FH2 has one worn out sticker and the other side doesn’t have a sticker and its still tug responsive… I even have the bigger spacers in

Broken and bearing, 1 broken in pad of choice, maybe two. Try some different pads, should help.

I’ve got a pretty unresponsive FH2, but it’s not dead unresponsive. It still shoots back sometimes, but not too often. I think it’s all in the bearings. When I cleaned my bearings and applied some thin lube, I don’t know if it’s just my horrible cleaning skills or not, but it was pretty tug responsive. After a few days of playing, it gradually became unresponsive.

Just use the thick spacers, one worn pad, and a clean and broken in bearing and you should be good to go.