Help With FreeHand Zeros

Hello I just recieved 4 FreeHand Zeros and most of them are responsive and suffer from string slippage. What can I do to fix these things. God Bless - Moefv

Most people want them unresponsive these days.

Replace 1 or 2 friction stickers with silicone stickers and see if that helps.

Sorry I meant I want the FHZs unresponsive

Clean the bearings really good. I am discovering Duncan bearings work a TON better after being thoroughly cleaned. This is a major help, and will improve your spin times.

After that, short of doing mods,you may wish to play with spacers a bit.

Some people remove 1 of the 2 friction stickers, claiming that helps. I haven’t done that on my stock FHZ yet. I mostly play modded ones.

You may also want to switch to 100% polyester string. The stock cotton string is really efficient at rubbing along the response pad and helping bring the yoyo back up.

Terrapin X makes an A+ Beefcake kit designed for the FHZ’s. It will widen the gap up a bit more, I highly recommend it. It’s an easy “no tools” mod you can do yourself.

That should do it. Otherwise, there’s some notable modders out there who, probably for a very reasonable fee, mod your set for cheap. I recommend at least a silicone recess, but get schmoove rings while you’re at it.

Don’t be afraid to tighten them up lots, they take a a lot of abuse. Move the spacers around in each yoyo swell, swap them in and out, and find a set that work well in each yoyo, i’ve had over 150 free hands in the past 2 years, and have had to find a spacer setup for each one…

Single Duncan silicone sticker works well in the yo-yos as well to kept he response down.

you shouldn’t be getting string slipping. What does it have for spacers in there? Unresponsive duncan fhz’s should have a bearing with almost no lube (cleaning is the fastest way to get this done.) and most people run a single sticker. If they are not reccessed stickers and you have a crappy throw they will responde because of the sticker being able to grab the string. Keep that in mind. :slight_smile: