Tips on a successful youtube channel.

Just making a thread on some stuff I take into consideration when I make videos.

First off, you want to do something people dont see very often, in my case, that would be ‘Grind Transferring Like a Boss’.
You also have to make sure your vids are top quality, I dont mean camera quality, I mean string vision, editing, music and camera angles.

As for yoyoing, you need a variety of videos, for example I have my tutorials, Gt lab, regular videos and promotions for yoyos. You need to be smooth and really work on your combos before you upload, get them smooth, dont just come up with some random unsmooth combo before you film.

When it comes to stuff like this I seem to have a touch of OCD, so I try and make all my videos as smooth as possible, and if you dont like the video you made, dont upload it, dont upload for the sake of it, get your vids to top quality and you’ll be good!

Sorry for the essay, just some tips for you to consider when making your next video!

Exactly :slight_smile: I’ve been working on making a video for a week now because I want it to look just right, smoothness, song choice and as for camera angle I love the top view. It always helps to make your string more visible and it makes your tricks look cooler too ;D

You also forgot to put in: Have fun, just do your stuff, and ignore haters.

Haters are jealous. Just ignore them and become stronger from them.

be really good and be jensen kimmet

Yeah don’t forget to eat Subway and have the title screen of Altered Beast playing on loop.

But honestly a well edited and aimed video is sure to win viewers even if you aren’t a pro.

Haha, thanks for filling in the gaps.

Let me know if I missed anything else…

That video was the most sad video I have ever seen. Jensen looks so depressed and defeated…

So the lesson here is if your not happy dont upload.

A another tip that should be worth mentioning:

Handle your own self promotion. I’ve made a fanpage on facebook for such a case. I get in touch with people on various yoyo blogs to share my videos with them and let them choose if it is worth sharing on there. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

However, that can lead people to think you are egotistical, so watch it.

Tagging is another crucial thing to do for a youtube channel,


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Yeah Zammy you promote yourself “like a boss” so to speak.

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Thanks for the tips Zammy.