Tips and Tricks -- the plastic letter opener as yo-yo multitool

Most underrated Yo-Yo multitool ever:

The plastic letter opener. The tip is perfect for picking at knots, and the blade is super convenient for cutting string.

Anyone have any weird tips and tricks they accumulated over the years?


forks are great for picking knots lol

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I get a lot of axle knots and I don’t like taking Throws apart. Started using wooden toothpicks so I wouldn’t scratch the ano. Over the years I’ve discovered these Darning needles that my wife uses for knitting. The rubber tips keep them from poking me while in my pocket and give it some mass so its easy to find, I keep it in the little change pocket of my jeans, this one is an EDC that I’ve had now for over 1/2 the year.


Ok here we go…

Toothpicks for knots
Always have a pocket knife near by if able. This will help you with yoyo related disasters (and opening unrelated things)
If you are just carrying around 1 or 2 yoyos, an oversized sunglasses case works wonders
Counterweights are really easy to fashion out of sticks (if you have that pocket knife and a drill)
In a pinch, you can clean a bearing with water if and only if you can dry it properly.
Yoyo gloves are over rated and over priced. Go to a local store and get a lightweight fabric glove for cheap. I used to bring a yoyo and see how it would grind on the glove to make sure
Clean your yoyos frequently. This will help with grinds and all tricks in general. Just take the yoyo apart and use soap, water, and a sponge. I like to polish mine with a thing of stainless steel polish and cleaner.

These are the few that come to mind. If I find others, I will post them

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Owww… can I really wash my yoyo with water and soap? Mine os super oily and I keep rubbing a soft tissue in order to clean it, how about the response pads? Do you wash it all togheter or avoid the pads? Cheers.

I take the pads out because they will fall out either way.

Whenever I change pads, I do a yoyo overhaul. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. Unscrew the yoyo.
  2. Take the axle, bearing, and pads out. If the pads leave a resadue, use something like Goo Gone to remove the junk.
  3. Place the bearing in isopropyl alcohol and clean it.
  4. Once the bearing is done, take it out to dry (with canned air) and put the axel into the used iso.
  5. Put soap on a clean sponge (you don’t want anything gritty on that sponge) and wash it like it is a dish. I use a really mild dish soap from Ms. Myers, but anything works.
  6. Rinse the yoyo and dry it really well.
  7. (optional) Polish the yoyo with the stainless steel cleaner/polish.
  8. Lube bearing and put new pads in.
  9. Reassemble the yoyo

This thread has been disapointing. :disappointed: From the title I thought I was going to learn how to get tips for yoyoing in public. Guess I’ll just have to show more skin. :laughing:


Stay safe :heart:
I dont know globally, but this is the mantra where I live. Better learning how to broadcast your skills! I would watch it.

Btw, are you taking the 1v1 challenge?

I would love to give those tips.

Stay simple. A non yoyoer finds more passion in a trick they know (like a picture trick or walk the dog) than a super techy trick. Big, flashy bangers also work.
Broaden where you yoyo at. Start yoyoing in your front yard, then slowly build up. The next step might be to yoyo while you are waiting in line or pumping gas (you know, where people are nose deep in their phones and won’t care.) Then, I would take it to a school or workplace you are at a lot (where you somewhat trust the people) and yoyo. Finally, find more and more public places like while walking on the street, or in a public park. (if you get really good, try showing off in your city for money–if legal.)

This was the tactic I used to get ready to compete this year (until the contests were no mas) and it really works. For me, walking around a high school is the epitome of bad-***ery and taught me if I can do it there without being scared or embarrassed, I can do it anywhere


More skin isn’t going to work? :flushed:

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As the only guy that wears a speedo on my competitive swim team, I will say that showing skin definitely helps with confidence. Let’s just say, I know how to strut my stuff :wink:

Probably helps that if you’re good enough to be on a swim team, you probably look better than average in a Speedo (no offense, @skitrz lol)

Not new, in fact a few years back one of the yoyo companies sold these for just those purposes. Also air travel approved at the time. Not trying to take the wind outta yer sails, just pointing out what wuz.


Yeah, someone told me after I posted. Would’ve loved to see some of the duncan ones!