General tips thread


•On yoyos where the axle stays attached to one side, mark that side, so you know which way to open it so the bearing doesn’t fall out.
( I used the inner punch-out of a friction sticker on my duncan metal drifter attached to the little hub caps)

•A wide rubber band and a 5a counterweight can be a great impromptu yoyo carrier for your belt loop.

[b]String and knots[/b]

•When learning plastic whip, if the string from your throwhand is in between the strings making the loop,
you’ll tangle/knot if you drop it. the best way I’ve found to consistently get out of it,
is to put your hand through the loop so it’s over your wrist, then pop off the correct side.

•Along with the last one, if you are practicing a trick that often knots (like drop in the bucket)
remember that it’s much easier to get a knot out of a string while it’s loose;
don’t keep practicing with a knot in the string and let it get tighter.

•I saw this somewhere else, but it’s useful… you can keep an extra string or two on you in public in the cup of some yoyos.
works well with yoyos with caps, or like the metal drifter where you can wrap it around the shaft in the cup.

•Mechanical pencils make awesome tools for unhooking tangles and loops in the yoyo gap.
if you get to it quickly, you can use the blunt tip of the pencil.
if not, you can extend some lead. if it’s a knot, you can rub the edge of the lead sharp and pick with it.

•Also, you can put a needle in an exacto knife body and use it much more precisely,
good for getting tight bearing tangles out of tight gaps, or throws you don’t want to take apart.

•Safety pins are a useful tool for picking C clips from bearings, pulling out knots,
or pulling open the loop on stubborn strings (in case you don’t have fingernails, like me) Plus, you can subtly and unsurreptitiously attach them to your clothes. (or use them as a fashion statement, your choice.)


•A guitar pick has three different curves (point, top corner, and sides)
which makes it an excellent tool for cleaning and recessing flowable silicone jobs.

•Silicone will chunk out of shallow recesses
(don’t bother trying to silicone a duncan metal drifter, it will only last about ten minutes. I tried)


Don’t guitar picks only have two different edges? It’s an isosceles triangle.

And I always carry a spare string in my wallet. Great place for it.

Paperclips also make great de-knotting tools.

the sides are also a shallow curve. good for a very shallow recess.

Ahhhh good point. Didn’t even think of that. I’ll have to pick up a guitar pick then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great list. Are you from YYN or just we overall?

I’ve never been on YYN’s boards. I just like getting information out that i’d have found useful when I started. Hopefully I can build this some more and they’ll sticky it.