Time to upgrade

+1 for the OD Free Solo
+1 for the GTR-JS if you’re looking for a bimetal

Two of my favorite throws ever

I would not recommend the shutter. It IS a classic…it is NOT a super high performing yoyo, in fact…I think the Hertz is possibly a better yoyo.

The newer versions of the shutter however would be a lot better. Wide Angle, Bimetal (although quite expensive), JDS shutter or the somewhat related Element are all miles better than the original shutter.

That’s if you want to stick with a monometal.

If you’d like to try a bimetal, I’d suggest the MagicYoyo Z01 Focus. It costs about the same as a shutter, but is a bimetal that performs amazing. It’s also not priced crazy high so if you bang it around a bit and if develops some vibe you won’t feel too bad about it.

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Hertz is a great Yoyo -stable, precise, it does everything, and very forgiving - as good as any $50- $80 Yoyo - not sure its worth upgrading

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The Hertz is as good as the wide-angle Shutter - I have both, I prefer the Hertz

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I had both i think they are about at the same performance level. I preferred the wide angle. But it’s a matter of preference i think.

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