Alright, Time for a New Yoyo Please Help


I was given a yomega brain, played with it then put it away for a year. found it and got interested in yoyoing. Got a stupid, pathetic, crappy, xodus 2 (sorry) and now i have had my magicyoyo N9 for 3 months. I have had to replace the bearing and responce. I learned my lesson getting cheap asian yoyos. I want to get faster and better at horizontal play. Any brand is fine, my budget is around 50 dollars. I love plastics but i am looking for something for competetion play, maybe the shutter or one of the benchmarks. maybe the torque or the werrd minute. There are so many good yoyos, which one do i want?


The Minute is awesome and great at almost everything, BUT-- it’s only in the middle for horizontal performance.


Competition level plastics would be the Rally, Addiction or Northstar.

As for metals the shutter is a great choice or the CZM8. The level 6 would be the other throw I’d consider if you don’t like the looks of the shutter or czm8.


Although i like the rally better, I think I’m aiming for the shutter, more suggestions please.


Here are my choices, now I just need to choose which one.

C3 level 6
YYF shutter
one drop rally -or- one of the benchmarks
yoyofficer musket

As i said i want something fast and good at horizontal play.



I feel like the Benchmark H does the best for horizontal based on the little horizontal I can do.


You can’t go wrong with a YYF Shutter. Bead blasted for grinds, 1 outer and 1 inner IGR, and the V shape and low wall makes it great for horizontal. Also, it’s only $45! I think with the Shutter, you get the most bang for your buck.


shutter shutter shutter!


Yep, the shutter is a great choice. I will be able to comment on the benchmarks when they come (hopefully tomorrow!)



Also, the YYF Too H.O.T. Prototype is supposed to be really good, but since they’re sold out on yoyoexpert, you can only get them on the b/s/t. The plus is that they are cheap, but sometimes damaged. For example, I have a Too H.O.T. in the mail right now for $25, but just because it was beat.


I do not have one yet but my next purchase will be a shutter.


Whimsy Aloha perhaps? ($45)


For the record, the benchmarks are great. =)


Get da Shutter!

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Make sure you do all your research before buying. Make sure that the yoyo you pick is a good fit for your preferences. With all this said, I think a shutter is a good choice.


With any of the Benchmarks, you get the ability to customize the weight by switching out the Side Effects! How can you not love that?!


I just wish side effects weren’t so expensive. $12 a pop. =\


Yep, I am getting the shutter! :wink:


Nice! Tell us how you like it!

I played with my shutter a bit today. Great throw, even compared to all my high end ODs and CLYWs.


we are in the middle of moving to Denver from Hawaii so i will have to wait, maybe find one in a store. Know any stores in Denver?