What would you recommend to me?

Hey, so this is not a “what should my first yoyo be” thread, I got a few YoYos and like them a lot! i just would like to ask you guys what you would recommend to me based on my preferences!
thanks in advance :wink:

weight: not quite sure, i like about 66-67 grams, but its not set in stone, i just like the weight of my shutter and my barracuda
price: no limits
brand: dont care as long as its available
style:just 1A don´t care about horizontal or grinds to much, but if it can do those, sure why not

I really like long spin time so the spin should be pretty good on the yoyo. it also should be relatively fast and stable for some quick combo´s.
My main throws right now, are the Barracuda and the Shutter, I like the size of the Shutter a lot! even tho its pretty large, i enjoy that. the response on the Shutter seems to be pretty “weak” tho, so maybe something with pretty nice binds?

to sum it up: weight about 66-67 (doesn´t need to be tho) doesnt need to grind or do horizontal, long spin, stable and fast, pretty large, good binds.

I´m very interested in what you guys would recommend to me :wink: if there is more information that would help, feel free to ask :smiley: thanks!

You sure you have no price limit? Because he sounds like an Anglam based on what you said you wanted :smiley:

Yeah. I kind of agree with that.

There’s too many models to really narrow stuff down. We need a bit more on the preferences and maybe some budget restrictions so things don’t go nuts.

The Barracuda is amazing. The Shutter just is way too low priced for how wonderful it is. The shapes of the two are vastly different. The Shutter plays better with a slightly thicker string to me and a CenterTrac bearing. I’ve never had an issue with binds being a problem.

Most quality yoyos(nearly everything on YYE) is going to be long spinning, stable and decent binds. Fast is more a function of size/weight, some with shape and string length. Some yoyos do want to just be fast.

Anything I recommend, grinds are something I like to cover because you want options. Horizontal is a factor but it won’t prevent me from recommending something if it can’t do finger spins.

RecRev’s “@” and sine//saw would be good, as would the Trident, Electric Flash, OD Code 2 or Chik, CLYW Chief or Avalanche or even the AC(and many others). Werrd’s Eighty-Six 400 I can’t stop obsessing about after trying it at US Nationals 2013. Even a step back to the Duncan Strix is pretty nifty too. However, I’m not taking weights into consideration. Weight isn’t a major issue for me. I prefer 67 grams and up, but I’ll play and enjoy anything. I also tend to enjoy V-type shapes, but some organics are wonderful and I’m coming around when it comes to H-shapes!

Too many possible choices. I’m configuring my cart for a buy from YYE right now.

I would say a onedrop code 2 or chik would be your best options for a reasonable price. You can also play with the weight on them to see if you like lighter or heavier yoyos.

Clyw chief?

While slightly outside your weight range, the Genesis is an excellent yoyo that fits your other criteria well.

I actually have a Genesis! i got it as my first full metal a few months ago, i like it, but since it was my first full metal, and i didn´t take care of it… so it is pretty smashed and has A LOT of vibe :smiley: it still plays pretty nice, just the spin time is extremely low… wich is why i hate playing it not :smiley:

Okay, i´ll try to narrow it down a bit,
i´ll set the price range to max 170 dollars (anglam would be sick… but its so expensive :D)
I like V shapes and variations of them,
my style is mainly some pretty quick stuff and tech stuff, not a lot of whipping and stuff like that
weight is pretty flexible, but something relatively heavy…

You might want to check out the draupnir as well even though it’s on the lighter side of things