Time to upgrade

So im currently throwing a magic yoyo Hertz and its been great however im looking to significantly upgrade but what to buy ? Im seriously thinking about the shutter but would i seriously notice the difference between the two yoyo’s ? Or should I get someone else :thinking:


Upgrade? Try Duncan GTR-JS


Dressel design monarch is pretty good! The mystery gift one is also crazy good, if you want to get into boutique the G2 banshee is amazing and the G2 Mongoose is my favorite slightly undersized throw


I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Duncan GTR-JS but have not played it.

If your liking the Shutter line try JDS Shutter! Superb mono metal. Another one of my favorites is the Wide Angle Shutter.

If you want to spend a little bit more the Shutter EVO is a knock out. Bi-Metal has so much more power.

I like the Shutter line mainly for the cup area. Finger spins, grinds, pull starts… it does it all!!


The Banshee SS is pure performance!!

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If Jake ever decides to make a ssbanshee withe a titanium body he will be taking all of my money

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Thank you i will take a look

Do you want a metal yoyo? What is your budget? What shape of yoyo interests you most? Shutter, or Wide Angle Shutter, or JDS Shutter would be all good options. You will immediately notice a difference between your current yoyo and a budget or mid priced metal yoyo. you do not need a bimetal yoyo at this point, unless you really want one, then go ahead.

The Laevateinn and Shortcut both seem like popular budget options currently, if either of those interest you.

edit - i didn’t know the Hertz was metal, I assumed it was plastic. regardless, you will still likely notice a difference simply due to the difference in shape and weight of a different yoyo. and any of the yoyos above (or anything else above it in price) will have varying levels of nicer quality finish, nicer machining etc.


Shortcut is definitely an upgrade to the Hertz, as nice as the Hertz is.


The Shortcut is so good, its pretty nuts lol


Agree and also a great value for the money, as second yoyo seems more than enough in my opinion!
The shortcut other than be dead smooth and cheap, is a great horizontal player and has a great spin time, I would go with it as second yoyo


From what I’ve heard, the Hertz stacks up, performance wise, against its pricier competitors, although I don’t have one so I can’t confirm that.

Point is, if you want something that won’t hold you back no matter how skilled you become, then a bimetal like the Shutter EVO or the new Yoyofriends Nucleon will fit that bill (depending on your budget).

I’m a huge One Drop fanboy, so here’s my plug. If by “upgrade”, you mean something with a unique and premium feel to it that you will cherish for years to come, get yourself any OD. YYE has a few models in stock right now. Free Solo is probably the best performer out of what’s available. Panorama is great, but takes some finesse to get the most out of it. I’ve heard good things about the Thorn and Kamuraiju. They all have their merits. I say find one that intrigues you and go for it.



If you like the general v- shape of the hertz i would also recommend the c3yoyodesigns krown and berserker decade models.

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I had a hurtz as a first yoyo and bought a shutter as my second and did not like the transition to be honest. I would highly suggest a c3 Krown for a familiar shape and feel but with better performance. Also the c3 speedaholic is an absolute must have yoyo to try a new material

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I also see free solo getting suggested and that is also an amazing second yoyo with a great shape and feel

I recently got back into yoyos after over a decade so I am limited with my experience and I am new to unresponsive so please take my opinion with that in mind.

I purchased both the shutter and the iceberg classic and I’ve got to say I like the Iceberg more. Both are fun but the iceberg is has more power, speed, and stability. The Shutter has a nice feel to it and is much more floaty which I like sometimes but it isn’t very forgiving (if that makes sense).

That said, I like both and I think you would be happy with the Shutter.


Some excellent suggestions and there are so many really good yoyo’s out, which can become overwhelming. Although it’s not a metal throw, I’m not sure how you could go wrong with the Luftverk Plastic Fulvia for $30. I prefer it over a lot of mono metals I have


The Hendiatris is the biggest upgrade you could possibly make. It outperforms every yoyo I’ve ever tried.


I’d second both a One Drop and/or the C3 Speedaholic. For OD, the Free Solo is awesome, and one of the smoothest throws I have. I can fingerspin and pull start it. It’s definitely my recommendation. Both the Kamuraiju and Thorn are good, too, but as a second throw, they might not be ideal. That said, I have a hard time putting either down. I also agree that these are high end throws for reasonable prices, and you will likely keep throwing them for years.

The Speedaholic is outstanding at any price and insane at $28. It is a stellar performer with a unique feel. It’s not your grand dad’s plastic :laughing:.

As an aside, the Iceberg mentioned above was my second throw, and I love it, but I can’t throw it inside as it’s pretty noisy for some reason. Fantastic performer and helped me figure out what I like, but noisy. It does everything, though, and well.


Hertz was my first unresponsive yoyo too, I upgraded the bearing and response pads and I’d put it up against just about any mono metal.

As far as other throws go the shutter is a good option. A little more H shape and just a good all around throw.

I’d also recommend trying out an organic shape like the yyf koi or mowl Q.