Need recommendation for YoYo upgrade from Speedaholic

Hi there, I just recently started throwing and I got myself a Speedaholic, after spinning it for a week I started to feel that this YoYo doesn’t perform up to my expectation. Reason being, it have terrible spin time (30 second average) and it tilt too soon, making string trick difficult to perform!

I would like to upgrade to a YoYo that have:
1- Good sleep time
2- Does not tilt when slowing down
3- Suitable for beginner who’d just gotten used to some basic intermediate string tricks
4- Price range under 50USD

I’m eye-ing on YoYoFactory’s Shutter, DV888 or Diffusion by YoYoRecreation. Any other suggestion with stated reason will appreciated, have a nice day. :slight_smile:

The weight rings add to stability and the string centering bearing makes it tilt less

Keep in mind that all yoyos will tilt when slowing down after a certain point and it takes skill to keep it from doing that along with practice. Also want to note that I can get a lot more spin time off my speedaholic.

If you want plastic Diffusion is a terrific choice. Shutter is good, but if you can afford it, YYF Cypher would be my choice.
As Sparhawk said, all yoyo’s will tilt. It just takes practice.


DONT GET THE DV888 Please!

I would recommend getting a protostar, its the smoothest and best playing plastic I have. You can find them on BST for under $20.

If you are buying new I would spend $10 more and get a shutter. You can find shutters on BST in pretty good condition for around $35, or if you want to spend the whole $50 you can prob find a clien galaxy or maybe an Ann Connolly edition shut
Idk how you are skill level or even if shape will really matter at the skill level you are at, I would say if you don’t like the colors of the shutter then go with a horizon. Both $45 New, $65 for an alien galaxy shutter, which I think is probly one off the coopest colorways there is!!

Also if u get a metal yoyo be sure to throw on vcarpet to protect it ffrom getting all dinged up, if u keep your throws in good condition you can trade them in the future or even sell them and get cash fgor another throw you have been wanting :wink:

Appreciate the recommendation, will do further research into NorthStar.
Regarding the tilting, is it usually fixed by adjusting the binding string as shown in the video below?

What made you said that Diffusion is a terrific choice?
Cypher looks good too, I will look into it further after this, how does it perform compare to Shutter?

Thanks for the input. My only concern for moving on to a full aluminium YoYo is that it would affect my playstyle as I have only just gotten used to playing with plastic YoYo for about a week. I’m afraid that I might not used to the speed and weight but it should be something that I can overcome with more practice, I assume. Anyone have experience moving from plastic to aluminium YoYo? Some thought of it would be very well appreciated.

Reason being?

Thanks for the valuable input with tones of other suggestion, would look into each of them soon. :slight_smile:
As for my skill level, I only started for a week and just got myself familiar with binding, currently trying to get use to front mount and moving on to trapeze. :slight_smile:

Ryo writes: What made you said that Diffusion is a terrific choice?
Cypher looks good too, I will look into it further after this, how does it perform compare to Shutter?

The diffusion is well balanced, spins for a long time and being plastic it is less likely to ding than a metal yoyo. The Shutter performs as well as the Cypher. I just find the organic shape much more comfortable and easier to play with.

You don’t need a better yoyo; you just need to get better. Sleep time on the Speedaholic is really good. If you only get 30 seconds of sleep, you need a stronger throw. If you go to a Northstar or a Shutter, your sleep time won’t improve by much. Speedaholic is a bit tilty, so I can see why that yoyo would be a little hard to learn on.

If you really feel like you need a different yoyo, I would go with a Onestar. The texture is more forgiving than other plastics if you accidentally touch it, and it is more stable than a Speedaholic. It does not spin as long as a Northstar or a Shutter, but I have no problems doing combos for over a minute with it. Speedaholic does have better spin time, but the reason you only get a 30 second spin is you and not the yoyo (unless you just happen to have a bad bearing, but from how you described your experience, I think it is the former).

Play on and have fun.

Thank you for your valuable input, regarding my technique on throwing a sleeper, I believe the basis of a good sleeper is a strong throw (Correct me if I’m wrong). I swear to flyingspaghettimonster that I throw it with all my strength only to have it lasted at most 45second. I have seen people throwing not as hard as mine but still get a better sleep time with other yoyo :v
ANW, my speedaholic’s bearing is busted, now probably due to me damaging it while removing the bearing cover so I will need a new throw ASAP

Currently I’m looking at Shutter vs Shu- Ta. From what I understand, Shu- Ta is suppose to be Shutter’s upgrade but I can’t find any review on the net and it seems like it’s not discussed much on the forum either. I know it’s made with a better material, comes with Center Trac bearing and redistributed the weight to allow a wider center bowl but I have no idea what the latter translated into. Anyone care to enlighten me on that?