Time Spent on Yoyoing - Can you guys help me with this survey

Thanks Guys… It will be much appreciated…

Too little each day, and hence, not enough each day.

Around 3hrs

@Sniffyo on twitter

It varies but I think 31-60 is a decent time.

never enough!!!

Lol, I’m lucky if I can get 2hrs in a week…

45 minutes a day usually gosh I need more time

I’d be lucky if I can get half an hour a day nowadays

Not throwing as much now that its spring and warming up outside. Maybe two hours a week.
Summer=Disc Golf
This is how it works out for me.

2 hours usually

I yoyo whenever i’m free. i think 3hours/day

depends on which part of my … erm, cycle I guess… sometimes Its less than a half hour a week, sometimes sometimes I can go all day!

Like probably 15 minutes a day if I yoyo at all that day. I usually yoyo probably an average of like 30 minutes a week. Too busy now, barely anytime at all to yoyo anymore. :frowning:

I yoyo around 30 to 60 minute a day.
Try to get more time though.

I can really tell.

The other day I yoyoed for 4 hours because I was in the airport and I had a lot of time.
But yesterday was a big day for me so I didnt have time to yoyo at all.

About an hour on school days, all day weekends. I have a giant mark on my finger haha

On my 1a days it’s between 30-60 minutes. Since I started 2a about 4 weeks ago I usually try and practice for about an hour.

I throw my Avalanche for like 10 min nowadays, starting Cyclops String Cutters has been really time consuming, especially with school and a girlfriend. I don’t get to yoyo as much as I want to and I plan on competing in BAC which I look forward to very much :smiley:

I usually try and yoyo in-between stuff (classes, games of COD)

I’ve been throwing about 30ish min a day lately, pretty busy making string and taking care of outdoor things now that it is spring