How many hours do you think you have put into yoyoing?


Just thought it might be interesting to stop and think about how many man-hours we have in the hobby. Might seem impossibly huge, but an estimate shouldn’t be too difficult if you can arrive at a rough average for your hours spent per day. Our equation…

Avg hours per day x (#of months x 30) = Your obsession

for me .5 x (6x30)= 90 hours since I’ve really gone in head first. I played for 10 or 15 years on and off with responsive but that’s probably only another 50 or so.

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Using your formula, around 1080 hours.

Iv’e been logged in at this forum for 28 days, 17 hours, and 50 minutes.


Studies show that one commonality between prodigies/geniuses/visionaries of any field is at least 10,000 hours of dedicated practice.

Wondering if we have any “prodigies”.

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I’ve averaged probably about 3 hours a day for the past 17 years.

So, that puts me north of 18,000 hours so far.

And yet, I just learned how to do a 5A tangler. Sheesh.


Epic SB post. Thread totally worth making.


Well… I started messing with yoyos back in 98. So based on my daily practice sessions over the last 14+ years: soo much time per day/per week/per year; including some serious marathon sessions when I thought I was actually ‘on to something’… including Sundays, when I could have gone to Church but instead stayed behind to get in some quality throwing… and throwing at work on break and during lunch=

I would say close to 1 hour ToTaL.

Maybe even slightly more if you include some months I Totally Forgot?

PS… I have to admit that I did not include ALL the time I have spent trying to learn 2A. I got a serious problem goin on there. You see, I want to 2A really bad, but my right arm totally refuses to Throw; Period! So what I have been doing for the last several years is attaching both strings to my left hand: one on my index finger and the other on my ring finger. Let me tell you something. Looping both at the same time is difficult enough. Just try alternate looping with both yoyos tied to the same hand. I have been fatally injured at least 3 times.


All I know is I don’t put enough time . 1 hour a day is pretty good and sufficient I think for progression.


I want my life back!

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Peaks and valleys for me. I’ve played at least one session a day since May 2005, which is a fun little streak. I probably average about 1.5hr/day in general. Adding in the time I played from 1997-2000 and 2002-2004 (wildly estimated), 5000 hours is a pretty fair estimate.

I should get to work.


Not that much compared to those who posted before me but I’ve spent around 600 hours.


fatal |ˈfātl|

causing death : a fatal accident.

WOW! Not once, but at least thrice yoyodoc has apparently killed himself learning 2A.

Call the papers, call the cable news networks!
I don’t think looping a yoyo is our biggest story here right now.


pretty much everyday since ‘05. stopped countin’ the hours many years ago…




How many hours?

No clue. Don’t care. Too many, not enough. Need more, sometimes I do too much.

Having fun is important. The rest is not important. As long as I get my work done, the rest doesn’t matter.

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According to your formula…

7140 hours.

Wow. This should be in the “you know your addicted to yoyoing when…” Thread. Lol.


Only 14. I need to throw more.

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lol, ~300.


i mean 420, not 14 :stuck_out_tongue:



About 1140-ish.


A thousand ish. That’s maybe half an hour a day over the course of five years.