Tilty g-funk


My g- funk has been tilting alot lately, and i was curious if there’s a way to make it not so tilty. Is it because of the flat (stock) bearing? Should I get another bearing for it so that it doesn’t tilt so much?


Tilting is pretty normal. Technique fixes most of it, and the occasional tilt adjustment fixes the rest.

There are positives and negatives to flat and profiled bearings. If you can find a profiled bearing for cheap, go for it and see what you think. I tend to like KKs in undersized throws, but that’s not a rule or anything (flats for my Smooth Move!).

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Check your throw. That could be the issue as well.

If you’re comfortable doing so: Get as close to a wall as possible, facing it, throwing the yoyo. It will make you throw straight.


A grooved bearing won’t help. I tried that when I asked this same question, it didn’t help. A centers string can be on a crooked throw and on a straight throw. If you know what I mean. I guess the only way to fix it is to fix your throw.


Yes, it’s not the bearing or anything. It’s your technique. This has all happened to us when we were starting out, so just practice, and keep practicing! It’ll get better as your throw gets better.


Ok thanks guys.


My g-funk also tilts more often than my other throws, but it doesn’t really become an issue until I do a long combo.


Additionally, it is fairly easy to adjust the tilt on the string during play. This video demonstrates how:

I have a fairly poor throw myself and this is all I really need.


Small yoyos are easier to tilt. As you get more and more used to it, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’ll have a proper throw developed for that yoyo to the point where you barely need to think about it anymore and you’ll just throw it close to perfect every time. I have this issue with any new undersized yoyo I purchase and use, and it comes back if I don’t use them very often. I don’t have this problem very much with full sized yoyos, which is my preference, but I’m not exclusive to any shape or size.

Just keep practicing and you’ll have it down.

Also, do learn how to correct tilt issues. It’s a smart think to know anyways. It’s very useful.


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Neither myself, or you could. Posting is addictive.


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The G-funk has a super gap too it. which means if you have a poor throw it will exaggerate it. So basically you probably can’t throw it with enough rpm’s to get it spinning fast enough to get it stable. As well as the wider the gap the harder it is to have a smooth throw, so then it tilts right as you throw. the way I read what you wrote you are not so much having the problem with the throw but with it tilting once you have thrown.
If this is the case getting those rpm’s up is going to fix it. also keeping the string inline with the gap.(actually more important then the rpms.) The combo should get that throw nice and stable.
What you might want to do is step back down to a yoyo with a tighter gap and work on your throw.
A good way to work on your throw is to pick up a looping yoyo. When you are walking around watching tv or any other activity where you could throw a yoyo, do so and just try and get that sleep time higher and higher. Not so much by throwing harder but by smoothing out your throw. To start out just throw down let it sleep for a couple seconds then bring it back. over and over and over. It will help a lot and fast.


Ok thanks! Maybe the g funk wasn’t as good of a choice to get on the sale as I thought. People are saying it’s not that good. I’ll do what you said with my duncan bumblebee.


G-Funk is a great little yoyo. By nature, smaller yoyos are less stable and more prone to going off-axis with string misalignment, too. But it’s a really good yoyo. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. :wink:


Ok thanks greg. I think I’m going to save up and the next yoyo I’m going to get is going to be a summit.



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Yeah by no means take what I said to mean its not a good yoyo. It just exaggerates what you are having as a problem right now.