ok… my throw is tilting. If I throw the oppisite way if the tilt, its tilting the otherway, than when im in the middle of a trick… the tilt turns around, and its tiliting the other way!!! help!!!

so, it points to me, i throw so it points away from me, and it is, I do a trick, and its pointing to me again!!! what the heck is going on?@#$%?^&*

You need to work on keeping your hands parallel during tricks, if you have one in front of the other, the strings rubs on the side of the yoyo, slowing it down and causing tilt. Just work on keeping your hands parallel and this should stop.

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If by tilting you mean the following, then watch the video to do what Q mentioned, just less exaggerated:

If that’s not what you mean, then it’s called gyroscopic procession, and it happens with anything spinning. For that you just have to adjust yourself to it.