Tight, neutral, or loose?

I prefer it either neutral or tight. I feel like leaving it loose make’s it feel less like when it was new. I’ve noticed that leaving a string in not-neutral tension adjusts the string’s neutrality level to the messed up tension. So if you leave it tight, neutral tension is tight; if you leave it loose, neutral tension becomes loose.

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That is the coolest thing I have read on these forums in a while.

I chose neutral because I don’t want it too tight or too loose, I want it to be just right.

Unless its going in my pocket, I usually don’t put down a yoyo with a string on it, I generally will just play until the string is dead. But when it does go in my pocket I make sure its neutral.

I throw lefty cause I’m just weird like that. When I throw, the string gradually becomes looser, so I constantly have to keep making it tighter. I prefer to have a string’s neitral state as tight as possible, so that to make it tight again all I have to do is let it dangle. Therefore, I always leave a string super tight. it also makes the string feel smoother in my fingers.

That’s why I prefer tight over loose.

i actually like it pretty loose, just makes it more of a laid back feeling in my hand,and for slacks and whips, it just make its more flowyerrererer. im not a speed thrower one bit. so loose and relaxed makes for good throwing in my book.

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If you’re a righty, does doing a UFO (from a trapeze throw) make it tighter or looser?


facepalm I thought you were calling him a loser.

Tight, obviously. Who prefers it to be loose?

But I like my string to be neutral.


For the last month or so I’ve become nearly obsessive with keeping my string tension neutral, but I’ve been working on a trick called lord of the flies which is slacky and it has been taking me a really long time to get it down.

XDDD vunderbaugh

I don’t care when I set it down. When I start I usually throw a few throws and then adjust the tension to my liking. I never thought about the tension altering on the string as it sits. I will have to check out this with my throws.

Good topic!

This. So much of this.