String loosening instead of getting tighter?


I just got a friend of mine into yoyos and he is taking to it pretty well, hitting the trapeze and binding well. But for some reason, the string loosens after so many throws instead of it getting tighter! I can’t seem to understand it! His throw is correct and he is using his right hand… Is he some sort of enigma of yoyoing?!


Hmmm… only explanation I can think of is that certain tricks do cause the string to loosen rather than tighten.



This kept happening when my cousin wanted to learn too, couldn’t figure out what was going on :smiley:


Is he left handed? Because that would explain it cause that happens to me all the time!!! But it could also be the string being twisted the opposite way. (like if it’s string labs inverse strings)


Probably because he’s spinning out on some tricks and it’s UFO’ing that direction.

(rizkiyoist) #6

Winding the string manually backward will loosen the string, winding forward will tighten the string.


I can only think of it being twisted differently.


From the players perspective, clockwise motion tightens the string and counterclockwise motion loosens the string. If he’s making more counterclockwise movements than he is clockwise movements, his string will get looser.


Beginner inexperience


Okay, thanks guys! He may be winding it in reverse and as a beginner he definitely spins out alot so that may be it. It blew my mind! Im glad it never came flying off since we were at the river last time. :slight_smile: Thanks again for the advice.