TigerShark, an unresponsive yoyo?

Can i change my TigerShark yoyo to become unresponsive without any lube?

whats with the poll?
blah bleh?
one of the stupidist things ive seen
you could clean the bearing and maybe take off one pad(if it has any)

Cleaning the bearing is one of the only ways to do that. Yes you can change the pads too but without cleaning that bearing it won’t become unresponsive.

Honestly the best thing you could do it try to get someone to mod it to take Duncan bearings.

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I guess he don’t know which one to make a new topic…
Click the NEW TOPIC button, next to the POST NEW POLL button.

Take it easy, he/she is new.

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Click “NEW TOPIC” which is right above where it shows all the posts. Then, you can type in what you have to say, without having to use a poll.

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it just doesnt make sence
sorry skyoyo

This was his first post - relax.

I seem to recall you doing some stupid things when you started, xako, and we didn’t treat you this way.

Wow. That’s kinda random…

Angry but cute at the same time! lol
Just trying to stop the griping.