Problem with Unresponsive mod

So today i switched the bearing in the sage to the unresponsive center track bearing it came with.

I have managed to get a few binds in and have a ways to learn of course, but it doesnt feel like I am getting the torque I need usually to get it to wind back up. That said, I figured THAT is more of user error and practice.

The technical issue that comes into play is that even when I do a straight toss, the yoyo now does not have a smooth spin to it. It is more of a very fast yet mild wobble. Could my bearing need cleaning, lube? I have tried re-inserting it but I was hoping maybe a technical guru would know a possible reason to the problem

Alright. This problem is very persistent in most plastic yo-yos.


Don’t worry, this is completely normal. If you want a vibe-free experience, go get a monometal and that will suit you.


Im pretty sure I also made the axle crooked when swapping bearings. Darn

Alright so i
I minimized a lot of the “vibe” by straightening the built in axle the best i could. ALSO putting a brand new string on made a heck of a difference.

Any monometal reccommendations? Im still playing with a butterfly xt for responsive fun. But my sage im using the oractice unresponsive now

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  • Horizon: My personal go-to, this thing spins FOREVER. Also very stable and relatively catchable at 42mm

  • N12 Shark Honor: My first ever proper yoyo, this thing brought me to where I am today so it’s definitely a really great choice because it’s quite wide, has a nice organic shape, and stable.

  • Shutter: tl;dr rly gud u shud get dis cuz ppl recomen it (Personally not my cup of tea)

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So I’m willing to bet there’s no way you could have bent the axle (if that’s what you mean by it being crooked) just by unscrewing and rescrewing the halves.

Make sure that the bearing is completely flat in the bearing seat if it’s a tight seat, and make sure the yo-yo is tightened all the way without overtightening.

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With the sage, you dont need to remove the axle. Its kind of built in. Thats why I think I bent it last night removing the bearing because when i looked at it, it looked off by about 5-10°. I am sure that would sound strange with other yoyos.

Sorry i did not take a picture earlier but after straightening it (I used plyers and a small towel to protect the threads) it seemed to mostly fix it. The vibe was terrible and now its very mild at best.


The axle is a free floating hex bolt so when not put together, it may appear slightly tipped. Nothing to worry about. You would break the yoyo before you inadvertantly bend that axle. As for the weak unwinding, are you sure you have the string wound tight? If the string isn’t tight enough it will not impart sufficient spin to the yoyo. This can also cause some wobble as the yoyo falls down the string.

I wouldn’t be concerned with a bit of vibe in a $13 yoyo.