Ti5 Review

Ok, you’ve heard enough of the usual “fast, floaty, solid, stable” mantra that every yoyo review centers on.

So what I can I say about the Ti5 that’s unique to it? The weight distribution. The bulk of the weight falls within the width and diameter range of an undersize yoyo. The rims are very thin and serve just to widen the catch zone and stabilize the yoyo. This weight distribution is only possible thanks to the titanium medium, and Landon took the opportunity to maximize the potential of titanium’s unique qualities.

In other words, you get the benefits of an undersize yoyo without any of the downsides. If you like small yoyos but wish they had bigger catch zones and more stability, the Ti5 is your game.

The machining is top-notch, no doubt. Landon is a real, honest-to-goodness career engineer. It’s just in his nature to perfect what he creates, down to the minutest precision detail. This translates to pure, utter, total, complete smoothness. Period. Period. Period. It’s smoother than the Fonzi naked and greased up, sliding across the floor to pound on the jukebox and get it playing music again, just like that.

Aesthetically, it’s pleasing and unassuming raw; or an instant showcase yoyo annodized by Jason Wong, if you are lucky enough to know where to get one and can afford the annodized version.

This is a luxury item. Yes, you can live without it and you can still play yoyo without it. However, if you want to treat yourself to just one ultra-high-end yoyo, make the Ti5 the one.

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So… any questions? I’ll answer.

When are you sending it my way? I’m ready to try it ;D .

Buy one. If I sent you mine to borrow, you’d just want to go buy one immediately anyway. It’s not cheap. In any regard. The cost isn’t cheap. The material isn’t cheap. The machining quality isn’t cheap. The engineer behind it isn’t cheap–years of experience and a degree. It’s like a good bottle of Champagne. Costs more than cheap bum wine, but you have to pay heavy for it. Oh, and you have to have the good taste to appreciate it.