Ti Walker Vs. YYR Draupnir.


Both known as one of the greatest yoyos of all time.
Many believe these two make up the best duo of yoyos ever created.
But which reigns supreme?

Have fun boys.


I haven’t played either but to me it seems for overall play like competition throw the Draupnir is the ultimate comp throw, the tiwalker is the ultimate titanium which is more in the collector’s genre of throw, not to say its not amazing but you will see more people say the Draupnir is a better comp throw than a tiwalker but the tiwalker is the ultimate collectors piece being that tis are super collectable and since what happened to vnyyconly like75ish? Were made.

Although there are2on BST right now im sure they will sell.above the 3 hundo one guy put his price at. Tiwalker also holds the nostalgia for most as “that one throw that once I get ill stop collection, its number one on my list but ill.never find one”
People harass people.postingtheir tiwalkers asking if they would sell, that is how sought after they are

I would like to own both but if I had to chose one I would personally choose a black draupnirand use it to compete! And learn new tricks and work on my freestyle ofc. If I had a tiwalker it would be sitting in a trophy cabnit or smth and I would be afraid to mess up the condition, I would rather play the heck out of a Draupnir :slight_smile:


I personally love my draupnir, but I’ve never played a TiWalker.

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Ti Walker was something else when I threw one. In a good way of course.


I like to swap halves and make a Draup Walker. It plays much better than a Ti Nir.


Makes sense.


TiWalker dog.

Also own both.

TiWalker fits within my preferences, but the Draupnir performs better… if only by a hair.

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Unlike many; I have both.

The Draupnir is the only yo-yo that comes close to the amazing performance specs on the Ti Walker due to the design and the titanium material in the Walker.

I prefer to play the Draupnir over Ti Walker ONLY because if I ding my Draupnir, I can buy another. My Ti Walker and its custom ano-job, however, would be gone for good. :frowning:

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So which is better?


I also own both. My suspicion is that the ‘Bob’ Draupnir would be a conventionally better player, but only by a whisker. The Ti-Walker outstrips my rim-colored Draupnir. Regardless of these facts I enjoy the Ti-walker way more.

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Anyone who has both a ti walker and a dazzler?


I have both. Anticipating your next question; I like the Ti Walker better because it has better weight distribution for my tastes. The Dazzler is very even in its weight distribution - almost neutral. The Walker seems to put a bit more weight on the rims without making it feel heavier.

In terms of play, the differences are minimal. Both are as fast as you want to drive them and they have just the right amount of float when asked. Both are superb (it is YYR after all); I just find I like the Walker a bit more.

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OK so how about the Hyperion?


It’s kind of hard to say which one is better. Draupnirs (well, the wider gap matte black ones, anyways) are like the juiciest apples imaginable while Ti Walkers are the most succulent oranges.

I can’t even say which I like playing more. My Draup is a blast to throw because it feels so light yet plays so strong. Whereas my Ti Walker has that lovely titanium ping whenever you hit a string.

But if I had to choose, I’d have to say the Draupnir plays a bit better.


Own both. I think the Ti Walker plays better. For me the weight distribution on the walker is perfect.

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Is that so? where? I have been trying to find a store with a Draupnir available without luck. Alas, I live in Japan and even here is out of stock everywhere, if you tell me where I can find one, it´ll be greatly appreciated.


Ask Mickey.

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They certainly haven’t stopped being produced. The ti walker has been discontinued.


GZR Pretty much nails it so I don’t think I could add much. Hyperion is a blast but still gotta go with the DRAUPNIR and the Ti Walker. Like Links said from there it’s Like apples n oranges. I have been throwing just the Attuned DRAUP for the past 2-3 months. Then grabbed my Peak last night and gave it a throw and tried to pull off a couple of combos. Wow after spending so much time with the Draup you take for granted the performance and spin time it offers compared to other throws. I am a 3 maybe a 4 at best (out of 10)on a good day. But with either throw in question makes me feel more like a 7 or 8 :wink:


^ ^ ^

I totally agree with needing to limit your Draupnir time. It overcomes my sloppy play too easily and allows me to do things others will not.