Ti Spaceship


I haven’t kept up to date on new companies or yoyos. What can people tell me about this yoyo? I have been offered one in a trade but have no references to go by, nor can I find it on the internet anywhere.


The only reference I can find is a teaser on instagram. It’d help if you shared links…


I would but I have no links.


I snagged one. I really like it. Very stable looks like a smaller diameter 420 in titanium. 54 mm if I recall correctly. I’m not a huge fan of the engraving artwork on one side. Nice presentation overall. Smooth no vibe on string or fingernail and spins for a long time for me.

I would say its more rim weighted than the bowl also made by Elvin.

These very limited runs I figure snag it if you can and if your not 100% into it they can be typically be unloaded easily.


I just happen to have it in pocket


Shape reminds me a bit of an endeavor. Hmmm… thank you for all the info!


The engraving and art is very cool!


I like the one side, not so much the side with the spaceship in English and Chinese side. But I do like the feel of it. Early bind it comes back with authority and hits your hand nice and solid. Sort of ‘rings’ while spinning.

63 grams stated weight. Spins a long time for being so light, 54mm and ‘monometal’


@yoyophotographs on IG.
Elvin Lim is the designer/creator of the yoyo with Jason Week’s graphic design.

There are two versions of the Ti Spaceship, 50mm and 54mm.

Both are stable and long spinning but 50mm is my favorite of the two.


Ahhh. you are lucky enough to try them both. Very nice. From what little I’ve seen, Elvin is a talented designer. From what I gathered he had a specific idea in mind, but ultimately went with 54 due to ‘demand’ or more suggesting that size.
Pretty hard to say one is better without actually trying them.

Very pleased with mine.

Elvin clarified the graphics on the other side are a custom spaceship alien font made for this release. Oops.

(Carson Reid) #11

And you thought it was English/Chinese? :joy:

(PS I don’t mean to make fun of you, I just think that getting English-chinese hybrid from the intent of alien language is hilarious)


This is the graphics. Next time I’ll look closer to try and identify it…


It looks like there’s a USB stick in the top of the container as well? Interesting packaging!


that’s correct the coolest usb stick I’ve ever seen, not to mention the spaceship case.

Edit… I just noticed it has alien green response pads as well…