Ti Spaceship went fast

Went fast for a $325.00 throw. Not that many of them I quess.


I get the impression that a typical stocking for a Ti yo-yo is maybe 10 of them.

This … won’t … be the case for what I’m doing :wink:


Should I start saving money? :heart_eyes:


Hmmm. I cant help but to think this has something to do with that Ti walker you borrowed. Ill start saving.


So secretive, we have to find this out, 3D scanners are a thing… he is a tech guy, maybe he is making a 7068 one?

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I’m pretty sure he’s attempting to do a mass run of the Ti Walker. At the very least it will be titanium, as inferred from the above post.


I know… I just am trying to push that idea out of my mind…

Do tell.

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Whatever it is, I’m too interested already… where can I send the check?

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I call dibs on one! Also a mass run of Ti Walkers technically was done. The D!ckrunner was a slightly modified version. I think the modified version actually plays better. Definitely one of the best yoyos I have. Pic taken off google.image

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I wouldn’t call that a “mass” run based on the actual numbers, though. There was never even a web page for it… nor anything on Smashing proper…

For the record I am VERY interested in what you are up to!

On topic of the Spaceship this was done by Elvin Lim the same guy that did the Bowl. My understanding is he’s a very small run guy with most of them sold before they get to any stores. I believe Spaceship was limited to 40 pcs total and when I checked the page 2 minutes after the drop there was only 1 left and that was one within the next few minutes. I know he was selling some via direct contact prior to the drop on YYE. I’m guessing YYE got 5 or less.

Looks like a really fun yoyo and the packaging is crazy elaborate. Of course, the whole story wrapped around the yoyo is very interesting as well - aliens and battling and special fonts and whatnot.


We had 6 I believe.


Very cool - it was awesome to see that drop here. YYE has had some really fantastic drops lately including the Akita, 000 and this one (just to mention the ones I’ve specifically noticed).