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Seeing if anyone know what websites have any new titaniums for sale. Any recommendations or if anyone is selling a like new let me know. Thanks!

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Wow you’re right, nothing Ti is really in stock on YYE at the moment!

[Root Beer 000 is still available.](online store link removed) - If you like organic and old school (no response bump) get it.

Elvin Lim is releasing his Spaceship pretty soon. - Organic 54mm with engravings. I dig it.

G2’s Tishee, which just got announced.

Mod edit- please don’t link to online stores. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I have a bitanium: The Castle

I’ve barely thrown it. PM me if you’re interested.


Where did you hear that it is A Titanium? I thought that it was a bimetal?


Which yo-yo is that? I have a hard time recognizing cross-sections

its a cad drawing for a proposed titanium banshee that jake teased. gotta click on the comments to see the #g2tishee hashtag. this is what @8bitviet was referring to, and the SS banshee was teased a day later


There are three green and two gold Fianchettos in stock on YYE at this moment.

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That is a slimline though, so a bit of a different thing.

Maybe trade a minty Sov for your death robot?

Might be worth reaching out to SPYY Steve and seeing if any of the TYY-01’s are still around. But they may have all been sold as part of fundraising for his cancer treatment the other year.

eeek! I hope SPYY Steve is doing OK!

He’s doing great.

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