Throws you wish you still had!!!

I’ve been collecting and trading yo-yo’s for over 20 years now and there are many throws I wish I still had. These are some of mine, I’m sure you have have some too…

1st run Levi painted Peak #23. (sold when I needed some money for a vacation, I wish I’d stayed at home now :’( )

1st run 28 stories Peak.

Russell Andert Team MoYo “Dert” (the smoothest yo-yo I’ve ever owned).

Yoho BvsM. My all time favorite BvsM colorway.

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My FG Avalanche.

My grizzly bear clown town #2 Peak, golden boy Canvas, magma cracks moonwalker.

My german edition Five Star :frowning:

Duncan MG , OG Project, Hattrick

My Hubstacked Project 1, Wooly Marmot, and Queen Bassalope.

Higby 401k
the actual one not one of the painted ones

Petr kavka whale Chief…